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  • Icon Hand Puppet2 A Shocking Surprise

    Posted on by Drew

    You know, in this line of work I’m rarely shocked in a huge way, but yesterday I was shocked.  I was working at Matthews Alive for their 2017 season and during my show my younger audience members were so excited that they started getting a little rowdy and one young girl, about 7 years old,  in particular was almost heckling me.  No Problem.  I’ve handled things like this before, it goes with the territory, but when she started repeatedly yelling ‘your dinosaurs are fake’, her mother showed up and snatched her out of the performing tent.  Now that’s not the shocking part.  I really had no harsh feelings toward this young lady (whose name I’ll keep secret so as not to embarrass her) cause she’s just a kid, but as I was loading up after my set was done that same little girl and her family approached me.  They introduced themselves and the young lady gave me a sincere apology as did her father for her behavior.  THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE.  It really caught me off guard, but I thought to myself what a great example positive child rearing and compassion for your fellow person.  So I accepted the apology, shook the dad’s hand, and gave the girl a dinosaur toy as a show of good faith.  How cool is that?

  • Icon Hand Puppet2 Tick, Tock, the New Year will Rock

    Posted on by Drew

    Glorious be this new year.  2016 promises to be a fine time indeed for the puppet guy.  Already I know that I will be performing in Blacklight Magic again come April, helping a friend get puppets ready for N.C.T.C., and I have two new shows in the bag ready to go and promote.  Well, keep your fingers crossed.

    New Year Clock

  • Listen to Art One Door Closes and Several Open

    Posted on by Drew

    Well the current update is that my contribution to the Magic Kite is coming to an end, but I highly encourage anyone who can to see it.   However, tomorrow I will be performing with several others for a small gathering at the Hilton of Charlotte near the university.  A mime only, but this marks the first time I have actually been asked to provide entertainment beyond myself.   And also I am so excited for a completely … NON PUPPET…. related show.  I will do my absolute best to audition for Phantom of the Opera at CPCC.  Keep your fingers crossed, for if I can get Raul or the Phantom that is a serious mark off my bucket list.

    Phantom Mime

  • Link Icon A Legendary Hero Encourages Reading

    Posted on by Drew

    Yesterday I was given the opportunity to come to the public library for their celebration of summer reading.  The theme to this gathering of children was heroes, so they asked me to come in as a heroic figure with a couple puppets.  Now this really wasn’t a puppet show, thus is why I did not make a prior post regarding this.  However, I chose the classic Nintendo hero of Link to come and entertain the kids.  I think the adults got a bigger kick out of it, but accompanied by a Moblin and the Old Cave Mystic we had a blast.  I always encourage reading the books you wish to read and not be jaded by what books schools tell you to read, so everyone find some meaningful literature and have a great summer.

    Link Warrior


  • Simba Icon The Circle of Life Begins

    Posted on by Drew

    The time is finally here.  After a few delays I am now able to take the fine kids at Jay M. Robinson Middle School and teach them the legacy that is the Lion King.  I’m gonna give this all I have over the next four days, so I may be out of communication.  I have made and will continue to construct several small versions of some of the characters to make the transition easier in a step by step guide.   But should you be one of my followers and be an enlisted student at this fine school, feel free to come by for a handshake and a hakuna matata.   Wish me luck.

    Lion King Cast

  • Ballet Bloom The Dawn of a New Year

    Posted on by Drew

    Well greetings and happy new year everyone.  Your fabulous master of puppet wonder has had a great holiday and am looking forward to a grand 2015.  If you are wondering, no I didn’t have any puppet gigs over the holidays, but right off the bat in late March I may … MAY be participating in the Charlotte Youth Ballet’s production of Cinderella.  If I am, since there is a very strong possibility, I’ll be wearing a mask and dawning a padded bra to become one of the ugly step sisters.  What a wild way to start off the new year.  Keep your fingers crossed for me and I hope all my loyal supporters are having a great time as well.

    Cinderella Ballet

  • Icon Superman Beach Summer Time

    Posted on by Drew

    Hello everyone.  Well so far there isn’t a lot on the Puppet Guru’s agenda for the summer of 2014.  If anyone out there is in need of some fabulous creative puppets then I would highly suggest you call or contact me …. sooner rather than later.  But in the meantime this Superman is gonna focus on some of his own projects for a while.  So kids enjoy the summer celebration and adults, I hope your able to keep up with your kids.

  • Icon Book The Eagle has Landed.

    Posted on by Drew

    Hello all my wonderful friends and eaglets.  Yesterday I found myself strutting around the Winthrop University campus with a giant dragon on my back …. that seems to be a running theme lately.  But at any rate, myself and a few other very fine performers were there to commemorate EagleFest 2014 in Rock Hill.  The event was specifically for students and faculty of the campus, thus is why I couldn’t invite anyone to it, but it was well received.  Check your online sources for any pics of me or my dragon companion and thank you to all the students on the campus that showed up for a grand time yesterday.  GO EAGLES!!!

  • Icon Skeleton Worker Too Little Time in the Day!

    Posted on by Drew

    Hello all my devoted followers.  I apologize for my lack of posts and pictures of late.  ‘Shrek the Musical’ will be opening in the CPCC main campus theatre March 14th and I am rather overly-occupied with finishing a certain dragon.  Joy!  At the same time I have finished an additional dragon puppet, a crane puppet, and several masks for a show that is running consecutively at Northwest School of the Arts.  And people say I can’t multitask.  After all this I have gotten no real word yet as to my next big endeavor except for the premiere of this new special event on television.  However, I cannot go into specifics about that until it airs so don’t try and get any additional info out of me about that.  Keep creating my wonderful puppet pals and keep life interesting.  Oh, and FYI …. I need a vacation.

  • Icon Yay It Is Confirmed… Here I Come Cali.

    Posted on by Drew

    WOW.  This is it ladies and gentlemen.  I have been asked to participate in a reality show very, very, VERY soon.   Now it’s not just about me, I will be performing alongside some allies for the chance to win a cash prize.  I have no idea what lies in store and quite frankly, even if I did, I couldn’t say.  You’ll just have to tune in.  Normally I don’t really like reality shows, since most only cater to the lowest denominator of entertainment.  However, I do quite enjoy the ones that have professionals competing with one another, which is what this one is.  I’ll keep you updated so keep your fingers crossed.

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