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  • Santa Thumb Christmas is Here

    Posted on by Drew

    Seasons greetings to you all.  Over the course of this December my puppets and I will be performing at Christmas venues up and down the Carolinas.  Look for me in places such as Rock Hill, at High Point University, Kings Mountain, Northlake Mall, the Spencer Polar Express, and other locales with the joy of the seasons in my cheeks and a carol in my heart.  Oh, and a big shout out to the artists Arthur Rankin Jr. and Jules Bass for their holiday programs, such as Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and inspiration throughout my childhood.


  • Dinosaur-with-Book Summer Reading with Raptors

    Posted on by Drew

    Hello loyal fans of all things puppet related.  I have had a hard couple of weeks, but all things considered as I move forward I’m feeling good.  The dinos of Dakota and Friends will be in great demand in the next month for libraries in Bland, Chilhowie, and Saltville (VA).  Then we’re heading out for a week in Greenville and Charleston.  But we’ll still find plenty of time to stop by Concord and Rock Hill near Charlotte, NC for our local fans if those other cities aren’t on your summer vacation roster.  And on a minor note, I’ll be making a personal appearance at Discovery Place for one of their night functions sporting a Game of Thrones puppet and garb.  Later.


  • Icon Hand Puppet Long Live the Arts

    Posted on by Drew

    Whoa, everyone.  This is truly exciting news.  TOMORROW  I will venture to downtown Charlotte and be a part of the Long Live the Arts Festival sponsored by the Levine Arts Center.  I’m gonna bring puppets of all shapes and sizes from performances past and parade them around one more time.  It’s an open event, so if you are in the vicinity, please stop on by.

    Art Abstract

  • Dragon Clown Cirque Italia

    Posted on by Drew

    Buongiorno everyone.  It’s me, your puppet pal and do I have a tale for you.  A week or so ago I was asked to repair some dinosaur walking suits that had fallen under quite a bit of disrepair.  This past Saturday, I met with the owner of Cirque Italia, who commissioned me to do so for a future show he has in the works.  And now, remarkably enough, this coming weekend in Greenville, NC Dakota and Friends will have a special spot in the circus line-up.  Technically I do not have any of my own original puppets in the show, but this opens up a brand new line of audiences.  Ed and I are NOT going to run off with the circus, but it’s nice to spice things up.  Hope to see you there.



  • Victrola A Jazz Giant

    Posted on by Drew

    Well my would be followers, tomorrow I unveil a giant puppet for the Levine Museum’s annual, and very formal, fundraiser.  I made a new towering puppet for a decreased price… ya know because it’s non profit, but it still rocks.  It is playing a trumpet and will be wandering around for about an hour meeting and greeting.  This is a private function, so you need a ticket and a nice outfit, so if I don’t see all my fans there I’ll forgive you.  Keep reaching new heights.

    Trumpet Player

  • Superman Beware Superheroes for a Dino Invasion

    Posted on by Drew

    Greetings puppet fans.  Up til now the new year has been rather slow, but now I’m coming back with ferocity.  Dakota and Friends are off to Aiken, SC the first weekend of March to invade Agamacon.  We’ll be there from Friday til Sunday, so dust off the cosplay outfit and stop on by if you wish.  It should be pretty awesome.  Last time we were at a con, our raptors chased volunteers battled with Dr. Who.  Oh, but don’t think the path of dinosaur pandemonium ends there.  Dakota and all her friends will be back for more at the end of the month back in South Carolina and touring through libraries in the Spring and Summer seasons.  So hold on tight, cause we’re on the move.

    Batman Dino

  • Harry Potter Icon Brand New Magical Year

    Posted on by Drew

    Happy New Year everyone.  Firstly, allow me to thank Rock Hill for allowing me the opportunity to perform for their ‘Harry Potter’ night.  My first gig of 2017, but definitely not the last.  I created many a prop, costume , and puppet for that event.  Everyone in the vicinity of Fountain Park, they have many wonderful events, so keep a lookout for me roundabouts.   Secondly, there seems to be a problem with people getting in contact with me.  In that eventuality, should you need an immediate response, look to my contact page and follow those instructions.  I’d love to contact anyone who is serious about my craft.  And having said that, please feel free to drop me a line.  Welcome to a new chapter.

    Harry Potter Pages

  • snow-globe The Holiday Hours

    Posted on by Drew

    Well this holiday has been full of so many gigs thus far, but alas the majority have been for private functions.  I’ve created the Grinch, Santa, Sam the Snowman, and several more to perform both classic and contemporary Christmas jingles.  However there is still hope, for in the next week or so preceding Christmas I will have quite a few shifts at the Polar Express, located at the Transportation Museum in Spencer, NC.  I can’t give specific dates, but regardless it’s worth stopping by and having a truly festive ride and enjoy a few moments of child-like innocence.  Have a Merry Christmas everyone.


  • Dino Eye Turkey with Dinosaurs?

    Posted on by Drew

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!  Normally I give my loyal fans a bit more forewarning, so I am sorry for the tardiness of this post.  In the past during the fabulous parade in Uptown Charlotte I have walked in Renaissance garb, juggled, and even ridden.  However, for this year I did the dinosaur march with ‘Sally’ the T-Rex.  I had a bit of trouble with her this go around, but all and all the parade was a success.  If you didn’t catch it live then perhaps you can catch the reruns.  Who knows what next years will bring.


  • Dino Eye A New Dinosaur Age

    Posted on by Drew

    Greetings friends.  As you may well know I have been working alongside Ed Bounds for a month now and have been learning the ‘Dino’ trade while going from library to library in the southern Virginia area.  Our first real test of my skill will be at the Lock City Comic Con in Stamford, CT.  We’ll be up there all weekend, so if I have any fans from that area that are gonna be there make sure you stop by and say hi.  In the meantime, have a happy Independence Day and always remember that freedom should be fun.


    Dinosaur Stalking

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