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  • Dino Roar Matthews, Matthews, and More News

    Posted on by Drew

    For the forth year in a row, I’ve been asked to come and exhibit my puppets at Matthews Alive.  The Children’s Stage will be blessed not with fish, not with fairytale animals, not with hermit crabs, but this year with ….. you guessed it… Dinosaurs.  I finally have enough of my own puppets to have a complete show.  It will be similar to the one I presented at the Cheerwine Festival, but I’ve had time to give the public a little something new.  So stop on by in the afternoons from Saturday til Monday and I’ll hopefully see you then.  We will also be in the opening parade and I guarantee it’s quite a sight.  Hope to see you then, but if not there is still hope.  Now that it’s September we’re also getting under way for several county fairs in the North Carolina area.  Keep life interesting and keep roaring.

    Matthews Alive


  • Icon Hand Puppet2 Festivals in Full Swing

    Posted on by Drew

    Puppets, puppets, puppets.  It seems that’s all audiences want for the touring festival season and I’m right in the thick of it.  It’s time to get them out and performing, so don’t miss your chance to see me at Hello Huntersville, of course in Huntersville, and again at the Cheerwine Festival in Salisbury later on in the month.  I’ve been so busy trying to get things ready for these two events, but hopefully they will be well received by audiences since they are both brand new.


  • Fossil Treasure A Labor Day To Go Down in History

    Posted on by Drew

    Well Labor Day is officially here and I have been working tirelessly to try and make a historic, or perhaps a prehistoric, dent in the 2016 North Carolina Festival Season with ‘Dakota and Friends’.  This endeavor is just beginning, so if you are in or near Rowan County, Surry County, the Mt. Airy area or any other location with a fall festival then check the line-up to see if our dinosaurs are going to make an appearance.  Labor Day marks the final day at our Hickory location, so stop on by and check us out.  Thanks for all the support everyone and lets move forward into a great holiday season.  Ok, break time is over… back to work.

    Labor Day

  • Festive Child Matthews Alive Comes Alive

    Posted on by Drew

    The summer is nearly at an end, but things are still looking up for the puppet master.  Two seasons ago I thrilled audiences at Matthews Alive with my rendition of ‘Peter and the Wolf’.  Now I am going to return by popular demand with an original show I call ‘The Underwater Museum’.  I don’t want to give too much away, but for my loyal followers I’ll be performing Saturday and Sunday with this wonderful show.  It’s interactive, it’s mime, it’s fun, and of course it’s puppetry.  Come on by and see.  And if you are early enough to catch the morning parade on Saturday, I’ll be walking with one of the dinosaurs from Dakota and Friends.  Enjoy what remains of the sunny season and I’ll see you in September.  Below is a little hint for those who can’t stand a good surprise.

    Hermit Crab Art

  • Black Lights Back For Another Dark Experience

    Posted on by Drew

    It is confirmed and underway.  Omimeo is back, once more, to put the black light effects to the test at Imaginon.  Children’s Theatre has us on the stage again come mid April 2016, so check your listings, grab your tickets and let the sensory sensation and fluorescent effects begin again.  Can’t wait to see you there.

    Black Light Hands

  • Asian Art Icon NCTC Is In For a Treat

    Posted on by Drew

    My good friend, Lazaro Memije, has commissioned me once again to help his kids out with some fabulous puppet props.  Once more an Asian themed show, I will be creating a Japanese style dragon, several masks, and an elaborate headdress.  If you are a student, or know one, at Northwest School of the Arts in Charlotte keep a keen eye out for my creations.  In the meantime, have a festive Mardi Gras, a respectful Black History month, and a sweet Valentine’s Day.  Later!!


    Chinese dragon tattoo4

  • Lion Fu The Lion Reigns Supreme

    Posted on by Drew

    WOW…. this is huge.  What began as a seminar to teach kids how to make puppets for their production of the Lion King has turned into an all and all rush for me to help them.  The documents are signed and the deal is done.  FIFTY TWO different costume prop pieces for this huge cast.  I won’t have to do them all myself, but I will have to bare the weight of lead designer to a group of middle school artists …. who respectfully, haven’t done this before.  So I reiterate..WOW.  I began Sept. 17th and it must end Nov. 17th.  Two months.  Wish me luck.

    Lion Attack

  • Magic Daydream The Magic Kite

    Posted on by Drew

    Ugh, all these responsibilities and not enough time in the day.  Between performing and holidays it’s hard to find the time to update the website.  Summer is here and the kids doing the Lion King are now officially on break until the new year, but I am still working hard on an Imaginon show entitled ‘The Magic Kite’.  This show is utterly original and I have been commissioned to make the puppets for it.  The intricate cast of puppets will be finished by July, but the show will not go up until late October.  So keep your eyes peeled to the roster for Children’s Theatre and lets let magic take us away.

    Magic Kite

  • Angry Turkey Turkey Trouble….

    Posted on by Drew

    Hello my loyal holiday fans.  If you are watching the Charlotte Thanksgiving Day parade you may notice that my creations are not walking today.  No doves, giraffes, elephants, of giant pinwheels.  All these items I created but at the last minute the city decided not to use them.  However, don’t worry because I made videos about the process, I now have more experience, and they may use them somewhere down the line.  So in the meantime, eat well and have a happy Gobble Day.  PEACE AND HARMONY!

  • Scary Jack-o-Lantern Icon Scary Has Never Looked So Good

    Posted on by Drew


    The time is now my fiendish friends.  This Halloween prepare to be astounded by levitating pumpkins, giant dinosaurs, dancing trolls, and much much more.  It’s at Imaginon and here is the official flyer for the event.  Book your tickets now and join the party this Halloween season.  Keep it weird and keep it spooky.

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