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  • Toy Soldier A Small Holiday Sampling

    Posted on by Drew

    Well I know it’s not a puppet, but this character image was featured on High Point University’s Christmas page.  It took several days for me to make this toy soldier outfit and I thought it was kind of the campus to use this image as a promotional picture.

    HP March-27-31-2-1024x512

  • gengar All Hallows Eve Draws Near

    Posted on by Drew

    The chilling time or year is upon us and the puppet guru has a non-stop schedule for performances.  Starting today, Oct. 22nd, I will be in Lancaster with several stilt characters.  The following week, several different outfits, dinos,  and puppets will be making some local appearances.  Then on the 29th I’ll travel back to the Tryon Equestrian Center for their spooky evening.  As for Halloween itself I’m not too sure, but as always I’ll try to enjoy myself as much as possible.  Have a spooktacular time my loyal followers.


  • Mardi Icon Beads and Masks

    Posted on by Drew

    Bonjour my faithful followers.  Tonight the grand puppet man himself will be walking stilts at the Sheraton Hotel in Uptown Charlotte to commemorate another close to the popular Mardi Gras season.  I always enjoy such festivities, especially since I was able to visit New Orleans just a few weeks ago.  So if you’re on the guest list and wanna sport a mask and have a bit of folly, stop on by later this evening and maybe I’ll throw some beads at you.  It won’t be too hard to find me, I’ll be the 8′ tall clown with shiny adornments and glowing juggling balls.  If not, there’s always next time.

    Mardi Gras Mask

  • Santa Thumb Another Winter Arrives

    Posted on by Drew

    Well everyone, Lion King is done and December is here at last.  If anyone wishes to see pictures of the puppets I created new videos and images are uploading soon.  If you want to see the puppet master in person, feel free to stop by and do so.  Tonight, Dec. 3rd I’ll be at the tree lighting ceremony in a brand new stilt outfit at South Park mall.  But if the weather is too much of an issue, perhaps this Saturday, Dec. 6th, in Charleston, S.C. where another winter celebration is in store for me.  So far things are pretty steady and I hope all my followers have a wonderful holiday season.  And here is a small pic to start it off right.  Keep dreaming.

    Winter Smile

  • Puppet Icon 2 EpicFest Robot

    Posted on by Drew

    On Saturday, November 7th, I partook of walking through Imaginon for the EpicFest celebration of literacy.  The festivities included book signings by children’s authors, cooking, building, reading, costumed book characters, Hugo the Hornet,  and… of course me walking around in a giant robot suit.  Stilt walking is a great way to impress children, but reading is more substantial.  It was great fun and something tells me that it won’t be the last.

    Robot Shutterstock

  • Santa Thumb Christmas at High Point

    Posted on by Drew

    The sleigh bells are ringing and this performer is heading to High Point for their Christmas celebration.  The town is nice and the campus is phenomenal.  This year I and four other fine performers will be doing a variety of elfish deeds including stilt walking, juggling, and foolery while the kiddies are in line to see the ‘BIG GUY’.  Now I’m not doing a lot of puppetry, but I am taking Abner the holiday accountant to entertain the kids just to add that bit of puppet flare and show the kids an elf of proper proportions.   Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

  • Icon Thumbs Up A Gala Event!

    Posted on by Drew

    Old Hollywood is so much more interesting than current Hollywood.  This Saturday I have been invited to reproduce four classic old Hollywood stars for an evening of fun and enjoyment.  Now there will be no puppets for this one, but it is shaping up to be really cool.  I can’t wait, but I’m not quite ready for my close up yet Mr. DeVille.

  • Haunted House All Hallows Eve Entertainment….

    Posted on by Drew

    Hello my ghoulish guys and gals….

    The scaring season is one of my favorite times of year, and it just so happens that if you are going to venture out on Halloween day there may be a destination to consider.  I will be allowing my old Alma Mater – U.N.C.C. – the opportunity to use some of my more frightening props.  But that’s not all, because they want the master of monsters to be one of their scary tour guides through their Haunted Union tour.  If you are in need of a bit of fright just stop on by.  I’ve never done this haunted attraction before, but it should be pretty good.  It starts at 7 and goes til 11 at the University of North Carolina of Charlotte.  If not, hope you’re gonna score a lot of candy this year and remember to keep things imaginative and creepy.  See ya in your nightmares!!!  

  • Beef The British are Coming

    Posted on by Drew

    Well I don’t quite know what the event is, but tomorrow I’m heading for the airport ….. not for a flight, don’t get nervous.  I wish I was going to the British Isles, but instead I’ll be playing the part of a British ‘beefeater’ for a gala celebration at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.   I’ll keep you posted and hopefully have some fabulous pics of me in regal garments.  Until next time … pip pip and cheerio.

  • Cheshire Wonderland Awaits

    Posted on by Drew

    Oh the magic, oh the wonder, oh it’s tea time.  Tis true, for the first time ever I had to embark on the role of the misunderstood, yet utterly mad, Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.  The benefit golf tournament features sponsors at every hole with a different theme.  The elegant staff of Edifice allowed my lovely wife Chelsea and I to amuse the golfers as Alice and the Mad Hatter this past Thursday-May 16th.  Our tea party was fabulous, the jokes were corny, and the magic was upbeat, so all and all a good days work.  Once more, the Olde Sycamore Plantation tournament had a strict guest list, but don’t fret, there are plenty of pictures of myself to amuse my followers.  Be well everyone and …. Why is a Raven like a Writing Desk?

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