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A Shocking Surprise

You know, in this line of work I’m rarely shocked in a huge way, but yesterday I was shocked.  I was working at Matthews Alive for their 2017 season and during my show my younger audience members were so excited that they started getting a little rowdy and one young girl, about 7 years old,  in particular was almost heckling me.  No Problem.  I’ve handled things like this before, it goes with the territory, but when she started repeatedly yelling ‘your dinosaurs are fake’, her mother showed up and snatched her out of the performing tent.  Now that’s not the shocking part.  I really had no harsh feelings toward this young lady (whose name I’ll keep secret so as not to embarrass her) cause she’s just a kid, but as I was loading up after my set was done that same little girl and her family approached me.  They introduced themselves and the young lady gave me a sincere apology as did her father for her behavior.  THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE.  It really caught me off guard, but I thought to myself what a great example positive child rearing and compassion for your fellow person.  So I accepted the apology, shook the dad’s hand, and gave the girl a dinosaur toy as a show of good faith.  How cool is that?

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