Dino Roar

Matthews, Matthews, and More News

For the forth year in a row, I’ve been asked to come and exhibit my puppets at Matthews Alive.  The Children’s Stage will be blessed not with fish, not with fairytale animals, not with hermit crabs, but this year with ….. you guessed it… Dinosaurs.  I finally have enough of my own puppets to have a complete show.  It will be similar to the one I presented at the Cheerwine Festival, but I’ve had time to give the public a little something new.  So stop on by in the afternoons from Saturday til Monday and I’ll hopefully see you then.  We will also be in the opening parade and I guarantee it’s quite a sight.  Hope to see you then, but if not there is still hope.  Now that it’s September we’re also getting under way for several county fairs in the North Carolina area.  Keep life interesting and keep roaring.

Matthews Alive


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